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We invest heavily in market analysis and investment strategy, believing that a deeper understanding of the markets influences our ability to deliver competitive performance.

Proprietary Research

Our proprietary research helps our clients navigate markets and meet their evolving investment objectives.

Investment Strategy Annual 2019

In the 25th edition of the Investment Strategy Annual, we address the perennial cycle question and share our ideas for constructing portfolios with "low beta" and "positive alpha" characteristics, capable of weathering downturns and then thriving in a recovery.

Introducing the Team’s Leaders

Our Research & Strategy team includes experts in economics, capital markets, demographics and spatial analysis. The team is based in, and covers, major real estate markets in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific – the three regions of the world where we invest. The team also has privileged access to JLL’s 300 market analysts around the globe. Their analyses of investor and corporate occupier trends provide valuable insights to our research.

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