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Research and commentary from across LaSalle designed to provide investors with a deeper understanding of topics and trends affecting real estate.

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ISA Focus: The value of “green”

What is it, and does it actually exist?

In this report, we examine the existing work and identify the most helpful and relevant analyses. We also monitor outcomes within our own portfolio, and highlight a few examples as case studies.

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ISA Portfolio View

LaSalle’s inaugural ISA Portfolio View covers a range of topics that institutional investors should bear in mind when investing in real estate, from the benefits of diversification to effectively managing risk.

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ISA Briefing: The impact of residential mortgage resets

We look at the broad implications of higher residential mortgage rates, and how they vary by country. Even if institutional investors do not directly touch owner-occupied housing, they should consider the risks caused by these dynamics.

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Macro and capital markets
Sep 27, 2023 LaSalle’s European Cities Growth Index 2023 London and Paris maintain their positions, but others are ascending.
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Sector outlooks
Sep 11, 2023 ISA Focus: The value of green The transition to a lower-carbon built environment is reshaping the definition of quality real estate.
An overhead view of New York City
Aug 02, 2023 ISA Portfolio View 2023 LaSalle’s ISA Portfolio View is our guide of things to consider for institutional investors seeking to diversify portfolios with real estate.
an overhead shot of a residential neighborhood
Macro and capital markets
Jul 05, 2023 ISA Briefing: The impact of residential mortgage resets Higher residential mortgage rates have implications for both new buyers and existing owners.
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Sector outlooks
May 30, 2023 ISA Briefing: Controlling interest: Keeping tabs on residential regulations Changes to rent regulations can potentially reshape the risk-reward profile of residential investments, impacting values over both short and long timescales.
Aerial view of the city at night
Macro and capital markets
May 19, 2023 European market view – Q2 2023 Our latest LaSalle European Market View shows how Europe’s economies and real estate markets are being impacted by, and adapting to, the current period of unusual uncertainty.
Product insight
May 15, 2023 A historic opportunity for European real estate debt Alternative lenders are strongly positioned to make up the continent’s funding shortfall. But raising capital is a major issue, say participants in PERE’s roundtable discussion, as Stuart Watson reports
May 09, 2023 The future is … European? Brian Klinksiek’s article appears in Issue 12 of Summit, the official publication of AFIRE, the association for international real estate investors focused on commercial property in the United States.
Company news
Apr 24, 2023 The fourth pillar of incentives: Co-investment Tim Kessler, LaSalle’s Global Chief Operating Officer, spoke with NAREIM about why LaSalle is expanding co-investment eligibility
Macro and capital markets
Apr 03, 2023 Fourth quarter private real estate returns move negative US private real estate returns went negative in Q4 2022 as the impact of higher interest rates continued to ripple through to market pricing and appraised values.
a picture of a bank building
Macro and capital markets
Apr 01, 2023 ISA Briefing: Banks, rates and the impact on property Recent events have raised fears that the global economy is in for a credit crunch of unknown magnitude and duration. As we release our first LaSalle Macro Quarterly, a revamp of our long-standing “macro indicators deck,” banking sector strains represent the number one macro risk we are assessing. 

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