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LaSalle Global Solutions

Accessing global indirect real estate through public equities and private structured vehicles

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LaSalle’s Global Solutions platform is focused on connecting investors with opportunities around the world. We do this by aiming to provide best-in-class indirect investment solutions both through public equities and private structured vehicles. The strength and scale of the LaSalle Global Solutions platform means that we are often able to do this with a lower minimum investment than would be required for investors seeking these opportunities on their own.

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As of December 31, 2023; assets in US dollars and includes securities investments. Returns may increase or decrease as a result of exchange rate fluctuation.

LaSalle Global Solutions aims to deliver durable, long-term income and attractive total returns to investors. We do this by taking advantage of a broad opportunity set and a disciplined investment process to build portfolios that meet client investment objectives while adhering to their risk tolerances. Our ability to move across geographies and sectors, and from equity to debt, provides opportunities to better capture returns as market conditions evolve.

Execution strategies

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The LaSalle Global Solutions team can construct customized portfolios of listed and/or unlisted real estate funds designed to meet investor needs and risk tolerances. Fund portfolios typically give investors access to a diversified set of assets within existing and efficient structures. 

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Joint ventures 

Available to select investors where their funds are invested alongside either LaSalle’s funds or those of other real estate operators. In these investments, both parties usually (but do not always) have an equal share in decision making.

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Co-investments and club deals 

Co-investment and club deal opportunities are suitable for a range of investors where their funds are invested alongside the funds of other LaSalle clients. In these arrangements, each party will typically have voting rights equal to their overall contribution to the investment.

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We can secure opportunities to acquire interests in funds on an opportunistic, discounted basis or as a way to accelerate investment into a fund with a long queue. In either case, clients benefit by capturing value not available in the normal course of property acquisitions and fund investing.

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Bespoke mandates 

The multi-disciplinary Global Solutions team can construct bespoke mandates from a combination of any of the above strategies, as well as publicly traded securities (REITs). This approach allows the team to build portfolios that aim to capture attractive real-time relative value across sectors and geographies.

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Commingled investments 

The LaSalle Global Solutions team offers a commingled investment fund that seeks out attractive investments we believe are priced below their fair market value. Through indirect ownership and using an open architecture framework, the Fund maximises the opportunities available to its investors.

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At LaSalle Global Solutions, we believe that responsible investment requires a detailed understanding of sustainability issues.

We work with our partners and advisors to seek to ensure the real estate industry plays a key role in addressing the world’s sustainability challenges. We believe that through our commitment to sustainability and its complexities we will continue to deliver our clients’ investment objectives.

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LaSalle Global Solutions news

May 08, 2024 LaSalle Bolsters Senior Leadership Team in Canada Michael Fraidakis joins firm as Head of Alternative Investment Strategies and Chief Investment Officer, Canada
Jeff Shuster
Apr 29, 2024 Jeffrey Shuster named President of LaSalle Value Partners US; will lead US high-return strategies In his new role, Jeffrey will lead LVP US, LaSalle’s flagship value-add fund series in the United States and spearhead LaSalle’s expansion of high return investment offerings in the U.S.
Apr 11, 2024 ULI and LaSalle launch latest decision-making framework for real estate industry to assess physical climate risk LaSalle and the ULI have released a step-by-step framework to evaluate physical and financial risk and compare cost and benefits of resilience.

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Make sure you’ve spelled everything correctly, or try searching for something else. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always Contact us to talk to someone.

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Important information about sustainability and LaSalle Global Solutions

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