Lacus Quartier courtyard
  • Berlin
  • Germany
  • Residential
  • March 2022

Lacus Quartier, Berlin

A modern residential property in a desirable part of the German capital.

White kitchen overlooking the city

The building from the bird's eye view

About the building

Lacus Quartier is located in a quiet and family-friendly part of the up-and-coming Weißensee district in Berlin-Pankow, in close proximity to the highly sought after Prenzlauer Berg district. Weißensee profits from Prenzlauer Berg’s expansion while offering more affordable rents.

The development is of high quality and with modern fit outs across 230 units with an average apartment size of 73 square meters, perfectly suiting the local demand. The homes have parquet floors and modern kitchens, nearly 90% of units have a balcony or terrace, and the courtyard offers many leisure activities such as a children’s playground, table tennis and more.

Investment rationale

Lacus Quartier is the LaSalle E-REGI Fund’s first investment in the residential sector and contributes to further diversification of the fund. Berlin is one of the most sought-after investment markets in Europe, with strong population growth of over 8% expected through 2030.

More specifically, the asset’s micro location within Berlin is steadily improving due to the expansion of the neighboring district (Prenzlauer Berg) and its reputation for high-quality housing. The fund’s management team expects a continued shift in demand to Weißensee due to further supply shortages in Prenzlauer Berg.

The building should provide long-term stable income as the building is 100% privately owned and therefore not subject to government-imposed rent controls. Existing leases are fully indexed against a consumer price index annually and further increasing rents and growing capital values in Berlin are expected, with continuing population growth and strong demand for residential space in Berlin.

Future plans

LaSalle intends to have Lacus Quartier certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in 2023.

The corner of an old tenement house

Lacus Quartier, Berlin is part of the LaSalle E-REGI portfolio

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