Investment Opportunities

Managing capital for institutions and private investors all over the world, we invest in private and public real estate equity and debt through a complete range of investment vehicles.

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We manage real estate assets on behalf of our clients across the globe. Through investments in separate accounts, commingled funds, debt and special situations, strategic partnerships, co-investment programs and real estate securities, we help clients take advantage of market opportunities in order to meet their return objectives.

Our Investment Vehicles

Whether listed or unlisted, direct or indirect, we offer investment opportunities that span geographies and cover the risk/return spectrum.

Real Estate Securities

LaSalle’s Real Estate Securities programs give investors a simple way to access the world’s major commercial real estate markets.

With over 30 years in the industry, LaSalle is one of the most experienced real estate securities investment managers. Our dedicated team invests in real estate securities traded in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific for more than 60 clients around the world.

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Commingled Funds

We have sponsored and managed commingled real estate funds for over 35 years across markets and property sectors.

Our open- and closed-end commingled funds pursue specific investment strategies across the risk-return spectrum (core, value-add, opportunistic). Our fund products include open- and closed-end diversified vehicles, as well as numerous specialty funds focused on specific property sectors and markets. The diversity of our vehicles demonstrates our ability to identify opportunities and execute strategies on behalf of investors around the globe.

Separate Accounts

LaSalle specializes in the management of separate accounts, which have represented a significant component of our business since inception.

We design strategies to achieve the investment objectives of our clients’ real estate investment programs. Each strategy is tailored by property type, geography, target returns, risk and liquidity needs.

Our global platform and deep experience in customizing and managing portfolios produces results that exceed our clients’ objectives. Our direct separate account mandates focus on core, value-add and opportunistic investment strategies around the world.

Real Estate Debt & Special Situations

LaSalle actively invests in real estate debt throughout Europe and also invests across the capital structure via its Special Situations platform.

LaSalle’s Real Estate Debt Investment platform invests in whole loan and mezzanine finance, development finance, capital expenditure funding, and loan acquisition funding through various investment products, including discretionary commingled funds, separate accounts and joint ventures. The team has arranged debt for investments across a broad range of asset classes including office, retail, residential, student housing, logistics, hotels, serviced apartments, the private rented sector and self-storage.

LaSalle's Special Situations fund series targets structured equity and debt investments particularly taking advantage of specific market dislocation opportunities across Europe. Investing across the capital structure, the Special Situations team has invested in preferred equity structures, recapitalizations, loan acquisitions, corporate real estate opportunities and equity joint ventures.

Co-Investment Programs

LaSalle offers real estate co-investment programs to select institutional clients who wish to build a portfolio suited to their targeted areas of interest.

Using the deep and broad resources of LaSalle’s global platform, our dedicated team specializes in securing access, selection and execution of co-investments from the perspective of a direct property investor. We can tailor our approach to a client’s co-investment program across geography, product type, risk level and structure.

Global Indirect Investments

Indirect property investments enable investors to efficiently capitalize on the benefits of global diversification.

Our global indirect investment team designs indirect investment strategies specifically to meet the individual objectives of our clients through a separate account investing solely in indirect investments or to add diversification to their existing, direct property separate accounts. Clients benefit from access to a global set of opportunities, including co-investments, joint ventures, LaSalle funds and other third-party specialist funds.

Strategic Partnerships

LaSalle has experienced Strategic Partnerships teams in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Each regional team is responsible for advising major institutional investors from around the world on large-scale, one-off or portfolio investments, directly or through joint-venture or club-style transactions. Typically, Strategic Partnerships represent transactions with equity investments of $100M or more.

Our primary objective is to deliver competitive investment performance while striving to achieve the highest levels of client service.

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