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Maison Bayard

A landmark office building in central Paris with realized development potential

About the building

Maison Bayard is a landmark office building of just over 8,000 square meters located on Rue Bayard in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. It is exceptionally well-located in the heart of the Central Business District and close to the renowned avenues of Champs-Élysées, Montaigne and George V.

Investment rationale

The asset was acquired in December 2017 following a highly competitive tender process with co-exclusivity granted to the four best bidders. The aim was to undergo a significant refurbishment program upon the departure of the then-tenant and develop a prime office building. The project was designed in parallel to the acquisition process by architect Axel Schoenert and a fixed-price development contract was secured with Nexity.


The refurbishment comprised the redevelopment of the historic buildings and the demolition of the 1970s building to raise a new building with a low-carbon wooden structure. The property now comprises eight upper floors with large, flexible office floor plates, one garden level offering various amenities, double-height lobby, rooftop with a 360-degree view of Paris, 740 square meters of terraces and one basement level comprising car and bike parking spaces.

Environmental credentials

The property has been certified BBCA, Effinergie E+C- “E2C2”, HQE “Excellent”, BREEAM “Very Good”, WELL Shell and Core “Gold” and Wired Score “Gold.”

What we achieved

Despite the pandemic, the asset management team exceeded expectations, with a high-quality refurbishment and the innovative scope of services delivered. The building was leased to a range of Grade A tenants, including an international law firm, a renewable energy company, an alternative asset management company and a real estate firm.

The building was sold in December 2022 and generated a record-breaking capital value per square meter in the central business district of Paris, exceeding initial underwriting and fund targets.

Apartament across the street

Maison Bayard is a European value-add investment

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