Installation resembling a red ribbon on the ceiling inside a shopping center
  • Surrey
  • British Columbia
  • Retail
  • September 2021

Guildford Town Centre

One of Canada’s most productive shopping centers in a rapidly growing area. 

Guildford Town Centre

Inside of Guildford Town Centre

About the building

Guildford Town Centre is highly productive, dominant super-regional mall of nearly 1.2 million square feet located in Surrey, British Columbia. In 2013, the mall underwent a major renovation and expansion with $280 million of capital investments which boosted mall traffic to 14.6 million visitors in 2019. The renovation included a Walmart Supercenter expansion, new parking structure and renovated 1,000 seat foot court. The mall is home to over 120 retailers, including many of Canada’s top brands. 

Investment rationale

The city of Surrey is the Greater Vancouver Area’s fastest growing regional trade area, with population growth of 300,000 forecast over the next 30 years. Surrey is set to surpass Vancouver as the most populous city in British Columbia by 2041. 

Guildford Town Centre has been ranked as one of the 20 most productive shopping centres in Canada with commercial retail unit (CRU) sales of C$906 per square foot.  

The LaSalle Canada Property Fund’s management team believes that the strong demographic trends in Surrey, combined with the desirability of the Guildford Town Centre for retailers means that it will be a strong core asset for the fund and provide reliable rental income for the long term. 


Following its 2013 renovation, the Guildford Town Centre was awarded LEED Gold status. 

Two skyscrapers and blue sky

Guildford Town Centre is part of the LaSalle Canada Property Fund portfolio

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