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LaSalle has been investing and managing institutional real estate in Canada since 2000 with C$2.2 billion in assets under management. Since establishing our Canada platform, we have acquired over C$3.9 billion of real estate on behalf of discretionary funds and separate accounts. Our 22-member team, located in Toronto and Vancouver, invests in diverse real estate opportunities coast-to-coast, in all major markets and sectors.


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Canada Overview

Data as of Data as of Q1, 2021. Source: LaSalle

Canada Investment Opportunities

LaSalle has been investing in Commingled Funds and Separate Accounts in Canada for almost 20 years.

LaSalle Canada Property Fund

The LaSalle Canada Property Fund is an open-end core fund targeting properties in major markets across Canada. The fund provides investors with immediate exposure to a diverse portfolio of assets located in top Canadian cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton. The Fund targets commitments from Canadian and global institutional investors seeking access to the Canadian real estate market through a diversified, income-oriented vehicle.

LaSalle Canada Income & Growth Fund Series

The LaSalle Canadian Income & Growth Fund Series (“CIG”) was launched in 2003, and is the longest continuous diversified value-add fund series in Canada. Over the past 15 years LaSalle has invested in excess of $1 billion in equity in four CIG funds. The CIG fund strategy invests in diversified real estate opportunities across Canada, including repositioning and development assets, and targets commitments from Canadian and global institutional investors seeking a higher risk-adjusted return.

Canada Separate Accounts

LaSalle Canada has been managing institutional separate accounts since 2000 on behalf of major Canadian and foreign investors. LaSalle has been working with institutional investors on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis, on strategies that are tailored to the clients’ objectives and risk appetite.


LaSalle offers a diverse range of investment vehicles to help clients take advantage of market opportunities and meet their return objectives.


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