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Diversity, equity and inclusion at LaSalle

Bringing our whole selves to work.

Bracelet with the words 'love is love' on the wrist

Our experience as a company and as individuals has taught us the value of building and maintaining a culture that not only respects but embraces the different backgrounds, perspectives and contributions of everyone on our teams. Doing this enables both LaSalle and our employees to reach their full potential and achieve better results.

LaSalle’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs are central to our Culture of Care and employee wellbeing. They are supported at global and local levels, and encompass a range of initiatives designed to promote and support:

  • gender balance at all levels of employment
  • racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace
  • careers in real estate from disadvantaged socioeconomic communities
  • our LGBTQIA2S+ employees at their place at work and in the world
  • the mental health of our employees, individually and as teams

We do this through a range of in-office classes and events, as well as engaging with community groups that share similar aims.

The values of building and maintaining a culture
Rachel Fenwick

Personal experience has taught me how much taking care of oneself makes every aspect of life so much easier, and to have a workforce in peak condition is a win-win for everyone. I feel passionately that it’s in all of our interests to provide employees with tools and opportunities to help them feel their best.

– Rachel Fenwick