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Environmental philosophy

Working towards a better, cleaner world.

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Environmental, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance Policy

Our clients place a high degree of trust in us as their advisor, and our fiduciary obligations remain paramount when undertaking investment activities on their behalf. As an investment management firm, our primary duty is to act as a fiduciary and in our clients’ best interests. For us, this means maximizing investment returns within the parameters agreed with our investors: their broad strategic objectives, risk tolerances, investment constraints, applicable laws and other relevant considerations.

Our view is that delivering investment performance and an environmentally and socially sustainable future for our stakeholders are not always mutually exclusive goals when acting as a steward of investment capital.

LaSalle’s Environmental, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance Policy includes our Sustainability Framework, which is underpinned by an approach to investment management that seeks to protect and, where applicable, add value for our clients through a focus on “Accretive Value Drivers” and by fortifying “Defensive Value Protectors” for each investment. The policy covers:

• Our approach to responsible investment, including sustainability-related risks and opportunities
• Governance and our business
• Our social responsibilities
• Our engagement with global industry frameworks and the transparent monitoring and disclosure of our performance

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Asia Pacific

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Climate Action Plan and NZC Commitments

LaSalle’s Climate Action Plan offers insight on the firm’s decarbonization approach and target commitments aligned through organizations including the Urban Land Institute and Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative.

ULI Greenpoint Net Zero Carbon x 2050

LaSalle has aligned with the ULI Greenpoint Center for Building performance goal to reduce landlord-controlled operational carbon emissions of LaSalle’s global portfolio of managed assets to net zero carbon by 2050.

Global Partner Solutions

The LaSalle Global Partner Solutions (GPS) team works with their partners and advisors to ensure investments are managed in a sustainable manner.

All investment decisions are made utilizing a robust, three-level due diligence process that includes drilling to an investment’s ESG policies, philosophy and measurement, ensuring GRESB participation and checking against a list of restrictions.

Every quarter, the team provides a detailed ESG update in all client reports, highlighting our engagement, governance and voting, due diligence processes and GRESB results as well as the LaSalle GPS Future Trends Survey (e.g. climate, fire, and flood risks).

Global Securities

LaSalle’s Global Securities team are actively engaged with the investments they make, working with companies to identify ESG risks and opportunities material to their business, manage their ESG risks effectively and enhance their corporate disclosure of ESG policies and performance. It is our belief that these actions will enhance industry best practices on ESG issues and continuously raise the level of expectation and integration for ESG principles.

ESG factors are incorporated into the team’s investment process as we believe that strong ESG integration can lead to higher earnings, more resilient business models, and more sustained long-term growth.


Industry leadership in energy efficiency

LaSalle is proud to be recognized as a 2022 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. We understand the direct impact that reducing energy consumption in our portfolio has on environmental performance.

Health and wellness

We are proud to be one of the first Fitwel Champions committed to supporting individual and community health and wellness through the design and operations of our clients’ investments.

Sustainability certifications

We have achieved over 70 sustainability certifications such as ENERGY STAR, Green Globes, BOMA BEST and LEED in our Americas portfolio.


The UK Stewardship Code

LaSalle is a signatory of the UK Stewardship Code. The code sets high stewardship standards for those investing on behalf of UK savers and pensioners and those that support them, including many of our clients. Approved signatories of the code must demonstrate the responsible allocation, management and oversight of capital to create long-term value for clients and beneficiaries leading to sustainable benefits for the environment, society and the economy.

Better Buildings Partnership

As an active member of the UK Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), we are working with our peers to lead the commercial industry in enhancing the sustainability of existing buildings. We signed the BBP Climate Change Commitment in September 2019, which has set us on a path to reach net zero carbon (NZC) by 2050. We are taking urgent, collective action to respond to the challenges of climate change and address the risks it poses to our clients’ portfolios.

Net Zero Carbon Pathway

Our Net Zero Carbon (NZC) Pathway sets out how we aim to achieve NZC within our European portfolio by 2050. This challenge requires a holistic view of our activities as a real estate investment manager and addresses carbon at all stages of the asset lifecycle. This strategy is now integrated into our way of working and starts with investment strategy. As we seek to expand this program globally, we will publish annual updates to the pathway, inline with the Better Buildings Partnership Climate Change Commitment, with the aim of driving the industry towards NZC.

Loi Energie Climat report

This report addresses the reporting requirements of the Loi Energie Climat in France. It provides an overview of the general approach we apply in our French business for taking account of the ESG quality criteria in our governance structure. It also covers the ESG engagement strategy of LaSalle France and its implementation.

Asia Pacific

New assets and older buildings

LaSalle works to tailor operational sustainability solutions to each of our assets as we believe that more sustainable assets lead to enhanced investment returns. This means that we consistently work to improve the sustainability profile of existing assets while also ensuring high standards are met in new assets.

Sustainability certifications

We invest in new development assets that seek high sustainability ratings across the region, such as DBJ, CASBEE and NABERS in order to enhance both the environmental credentials and investment performance of these assets.


We are among the first investment managers to comply the the new ANREV Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, thus demonstrating our commitment to increased visibility and insight into our ESG efforts.

Insights and case studies

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