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Connecticut, Illinois and New York | Niche | September 2016

Self-storage portfolio

Self-storage facilities in areas of high demand.

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About the building

In 2016, LaSalle acquired a portfolio of self-storage facilities located in greater Chicago and the New York metropolitan area, extending into Connecticut and New Jersey. These units, when compared to their competition in the local trading areas, benefit from being both of a superior quality and in more desirable locations.

Investment rationale

Self-storage units in the United States benefit from high demand, with nearly 10% of households renting space in a self-storage facility. As an investment, they tend to require less maintenance that traditional real estate assets but benefit from stable yields owing to the high demand for space.

The LaSalle Property Fund’s management team believes that these fundamentals, combined with the superior quality of the Metro Storage facilities in the portfolio will offer stable and attractive income returns for the foreseeable future.

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Self-storage portfolio is part of the LaSalle Property Fund portfolio

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Important information

The assets presented are meant for illustrative purposes only, are subject to change without notice and are not meant as a projection or estimate of the nature of any future investments to be made by the Fund or returns on any such investments. This information has been prepared by LaSalle in order to illustrate the type of assets held and/or transactions completed by the Fund; transactions for properties exhibiting the same or similar characteristics may not be available or profitable in the future.