LaSalle E-REGI Index 2016

LaSalle’s annual E-REGI (European Regional Economic Growth Index) identifies the European cities and regions with the best economic prospects.

E-REGI therefore approximates the relative strength of future occupier demand for real estate in the medium term.

Our analysis covers nearly 300 regions across 32 European countries, with a total population of more than 740 million. Our main interest goes out to the 100 major city-regions (regions including cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants and all national capitals).

E-REGI gives a score to each region in Europe based on its economic growth prospects, its level of wealth and the quality of its business environment – relative to the European average. When combined with detailed real estate knowledge, supply side information and relative pricing, the E-REGI is a valuable tool for determining real estate market outperformance and investment strategy.

This year’s results show that political headwinds weigh on the economic outlook of some European cities, while others show a remarkable upturn or resilience as a result of political decision making. Has the Brexit vote affected the outlook of London and the other UK cities? How does Poland fare after electing its protectionist new government? Have labour market reforms in France and Germany started to pay off? 

For the first time, we explicitly incorporate Human Capital in the E-REGI index. Among the winners in this year’s index are cities with highly educated young populations and strong innovative technology sectors. Find out which European cities have the best economic prospects in the E-REGI 2016 report.

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To read more, download the full reports below.

Written by Mahdi Mokrane, Anne Koeman-Sharapova, Irène Fossé and Chris Psaras

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