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  • February 02, 2021

    LaSalle’s 2021 Outlook: Relative Strength in Asia Pacific Real Estate Markets while Uncertainty Lingers

    Asia Pacific has come through the pandemic in stronger shape than any other region to date. Uncertainty will remain a dominant theme in 2021, although there are signs of bifurcated economic and real estate market performance in the region, according to the LaSalle Investment Strategy Annual (ISA) 2021.

  • January 19, 2021

    LaSalle’s 2021 ISA Sees Compelling Real Estate Investment Landscape as North America Exits Pandemic

    LaSalle is projecting that the U.S. and Canadian real estate markets will begin to recover in 2021 as market conditions thaw amid the accelerating rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and the associated economic rebound. Increasing clarity is expected throughout the year on real estate pricing and the direction of government policy. However, according to LaSalle’s 2021 Investment Strategy Annual (ISA), uncertainty remains for certain property types including office, retail and lodging as long-term hurdles remain.

  • December 16, 2020

    LaSalle Develops ‘Office of the Future’ for Encore+

    LaSalle will develop the first hybrid timber office building in Munich on behalf of Encore+, its flagship pan-European fund (“the Fund”), in collaboration with ACCUMULATA Real Estate Group (“Accumulata”). The planned sustainable building will be developed in Munich, at Elsenheimerstrasse 31, a partial development of a site owned by the Fund and acquired in 2019.

  • August 17, 2020

    LaSalle Mid-Year ISA update: Asia Pacific is Likely to Lead Economic Recovery

    Economies around the world have been damaged more severely than any peacetime event since World War II. Although none of us predicted a pandemic, it took this kind of tail-risk event to derail the Asia-Pacific region, the fastest growing region in the world. However, the combination of high levels of trust in Asia Pacific governments, an earlier start to the downturn and recovery, unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus packages, and the region’s important role in global supply chains, especially China lends resilience to the region. These macro factors, combined with high-frequency indicators, shed light upon our outlook for Asia Pacific economies and real estate markets, despite the uncertain duration of the pandemic, according to LaSalle’s mid-year Investment Strategy Annual (ISA) report.

  • August 07, 2020

    LaSalle Mid-Year ISA: COVID-19 accelerates trends in European real estate

    The COVID-19 crisis has created unprecedented dispersion in the performance of the different types of principal real estate assets, primarily by accelerating pre-existing trends affecting European property markets, according to the 2020 Mid-Year Investment Strategy Annual (“Mid-Year ISA”) published by LaSalle Investment Management (“LaSalle”), the global real estate investment manager. While global transaction volumes fell sharply in H1 2020, long-standing factors such as the rise of logistics, the decline of apparel retailers and the mainstreaming of alternative sectors continued to drive real estate investment flows in the first half of the year

  • August 04, 2020

    Brian Klinksiek to Join LaSalle as Head of European Research and Global Portfolio Strategies

    LaSalle Investment Management (“LaSalle”) today announced that Brian Klinksiek will join LaSalle as Head of European Research and Global Portfolio Strategies, effective 15 September 2020. Based in London, he will report to Global and Interim Europe CEO Jeff Jacobson, as well as Global Head of Research & Strategy Jacques Gordon.

  • May 20, 2020

    More than just a phase

    More than just a phase - Jacques Gordon | Global Strategist
    Time has simultaneously slowed down, as we all work from home, and it has sped up. Last month’s “unthinkable” has become this month’s norm. Last week’s downside scenario has become this week’s baseline, and next week’s upside. Real estate investors are “zooming” with each other and saying, well at least we didn’t cause this, did we?

  • November 14, 2019

    LaSalle hires Petra Blazkova as Senior Strategist for European Research & Strategy

    LaSalle Investment Management (“LaSalle”), the global real estate investment manager, today announces the appointment of Petra Blazkova as Senior Strategist within its European Research & Strategy team, with responsibility for overseeing Continental European market analysis from the London office.

  • February 01, 2019

    LaSalle’s Mahdi Mokrane in the News

    Sky News

  • October 09, 2017

    LaSalle’s Bill Maher: Real Estate Economists Staying Positive but Reining in Optimism

    Urban Land Magazine

    After predicting an uptick in U.S. economic growth and interest rates six months ago, real estate economists have tempered their forecasts, moving closer to the predictions of one year ago. While the April 2017 optimism could be attributed to proposals to reform the tax code, reduce regulatory burdens, and invest in infrastructure, little progress has been made on tax reform and infrastructure and the economy seems to be back to business as usual after the global financial crisis. As a result, real estate economists now have lower expectations about economic growth, employment growth, and interest rates than they had in the spring.

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