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Our proprietary research gives LaSalle unique insight into global property markets. We invest heavily in market analysis and investment strategy, in the firm belief that a deeper understanding of the markets influences our ability to deliver competitive performance and build long-term trust.

An Integrated Investment Process

Research & Strategy is integrated into every stage of the investment management process. Our researchers work closely with clients to formulate suitable investment plans, delivering a clear and focused investment strategy that is crucial to a successful real estate investment program. The team is involved in the investment management process from development of portfolio strategy to property acquisition and through on-going asset management and disposition. The team provides clients, fund and portfolio managers with analysis of broad market trends, as well as specialized assessments of specific submarkets.

Our independent research informs the investment process at both the macro and micro levels. From expansive annual global overviews to deal-specific market rent growth projections, the team touches all phases of the investment process.

Investment Strategy Annual

Real estate investors should expect a broad array of opportunities and challenges in 2015. The opportunities will be created by steady growth in the economies of many major countries, enabling thriving cities to enjoy improving real estate fundamentals.

Research Articles

Research & Strategy at LaSalle is designed to benefit our clients directly. Regular back-testing shows that LaSalle’s market tracking systems work well in identifying outperforming markets, and our recommendations for sector weights generate above-benchmark results.

The team’s thought leadership is communicated to clients through regular market updates, white papers, and the Investment Strategy Annual. These publications have earned a well-deserved reputation throughout the industry for addressing key issues faced by investors. Visit the LaSalle Research & Strategy website to access our full suite of publications.

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Introducing the Team’s Leaders

Our Research & Strategy team includes 28 experts in economics, capital markets, demographics and spatial analysis. The team is based in, and covers, major real estate markets in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific – the three regions of the world in which we invest.

Our team also has privileged access to JLL’s 300 market analysts around the globe. Their analyses of investor and corporate occupier trends provide valuable insights to our research.

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