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LaSalle debt financing team tops €700m in deals in Europe for 2014

LONDON February 18, 2015 – LaSalle Investment Management’s debt financing team closed arrangements totaling €714m in Europe in 2014 as increased liquidity from Central Banks fed through to the property market.

The team closed deals with 15 lenders across 5 countries last year – in Germany, France, the UK, Sweden and The Netherlands – to support LaSalle’s investment vehicles’ borrowing needs. That was an increase of 3% on 2013, and brings to €2.6 billion the value of debt arrangements secured by the group in the last three years.

LaSalle’s in-house debt financing team advises the firm’s investors on how and where to obtain loans to support their strategies.

Roberto Carrera, LaSalle’s European Head of Financing said: “The liquidity flood unleashed by European central banks have led swap rates to tumble across the board and some of this liquidity has reached property financing fueling increased competition particularly among Senior property lenders.As Senior Lenders search for their niche, more than ever investors therefore need to ensure they partner with the right lender to meet their goals.”

LaSalle’s in-house debt financing team manages a loan book of €2.3 billion across multiple European countries.